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Castor Oil for Relaxed Hair

Castor oil for relaxed hair is no different from using it on natural hair. There are many benefits to using castor oil on African American hair. Here is a list of things that it will provide…

– Preventing Scalp Infections
– Moisturizer
– Thin Hair Prevention
– Hair Growth Promotion
– Reduction of Split Ends and damaged hair
– Taming of Frizz
– Thick Hair Promoter

Castor oil is essential in omega-9 fatty acids and works well with hot oil treatments as well as deep scalp massages. It’s one of the great natural hair moisturizers and sealers.

The most common use of this natural resource for hair is the applying of it on ends of the hair repeated twice a week or as individually needed. It’s thick so if necessary mix with another oil like grape seed or sunflower oil. Remember to refrain from using too much as it will weigh down your thirsty roots and can irritate the scalp at times.

The best brands on the market are…

Apricot Castor Oil (Smells Wonderful) or Jamaican Black.

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