Cornrow hair designs

There are so many cornrow hair designs available that it is impossible to review them all at once. In fact, it is impossible to review half of them at one time. One could spend hours looking at photographs of cornrow hairstyles. This article will briefly review this hairstyle and its different designs.

Cornrows have become an acceptable form of art in many places. This is especially true in areas where people appreciate different forms of art. To think up new designs for cornrows takes a lot of talent, skill, and creativity. This is why many people believe that it is an art form.

This hairstyle is extremely popular with athletes as well, particularly among African American athletes. When playing sports such as basketball, soccer, and football it is important to ensure your hair does not get in your way because one small distraction can cause you the entire game. Cornrows give them a neat and tidy way to get hair up out of their faces while still staying stylish.

Celebrities seem to favor this style as well. Movies stars and Rock stars can be seen sporting this style at any given time. They are in the public eye every day of their life, which is why it is no wonder that they would be the ones to take cornrows to the extreme. Some celebrities have been seen with their lovers name and other words cornrowed into their hair. In reality, they may also be a big percentage of the reason cornrows have stayed in style. Children look up to them, and want to be like them, which in turn makes them want to look like them. There are many cornrow designs named after athletes and the celebrities who came up with the design.

The basic cornrow style features straight braids. These braids can face in many different directions or angels but are always straight. They are most commonly braided from the forehead to the nape of the neck, and the remaining hair is then braided in a normal braid.

Geometric designs are the styles that become more complex. These styles generally take longer to complete and have been known to take as long as thirteen hours in total. This type of cornrow hairstyle features different shapes or curves that have been crafted and shaped by braids.

There are many designs to choose from and the only thing limiting your choices is your imagination. You have plenty of time to try many different designs. Just remember not to leave them in longer than four weeks; this could result in hair loss. In addition, give hair time to relax in between braiding because failure to do so could result in extreme breakage.

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