Is a Human Hair Wig Right For You?

When it comes to wigs, there are a lot of pluses and very few minuses.  On the plus side:  versatility with hairstyles, saving time getting ready,  not having to worry about styling your hair…

Women have lots of options when choosing a wig….or wigs.  (There’s no reason to choose just one!)  One day, you can have a chic, short haircut ….and another day you can have an elaborate style … and another day you can have a glamorous long hair style.

You can even experiment with wild colors and avant guarde styles that you might be afraid to try if it required working with your own hair.  All you have to do is imagine a look and you can find the wig or hairpiece that works for your look.

Some wigs and hairpieces are made from human hair and some are made from synthetic hair.  You should always choose a hairpiece or wig made from human hair instead of synthetic.  After all, you are going to be in public wearing your hairpiece and you are not a llama.  You are a beautiful woman and you are worth the best.

There is a difference between a wig and a weave – this is important.  A weave is semi permanent – it is sewn onto your own hair.  A wig is just placed on top of your own hair.

When choosing a wig, it is important to consider your face shape as well as your lifestyle.  The oval face is the most versatile when it comes to choosing a wig or hairstyle.  If your face is oval shaped, you are lucky.

If you have a round face, you will want to look for styles that give you some height …. avoid straight cut bobs.  This type of style will only make your face look rounder than it really is.  If your face is square, avoid blunt bangs and go for wispy, feathery bangs instead.  Blunt bangs will make your face look bigger and sharper, which you definitely Do. Not. Want.

For heart shaped faces, avoid styles with height and look for styles that are thicker on the sides of your face.  This type of style will make your face seem more proportional.

If your face is long and thin, your best bet is to choose a curly, almost fluffy, style.  This will provide a counter balance to a “long” face … the curlier the better.

Now that you’re armed with the basics, it’s time for you to take the time to visit your local wig shop and have a look.  If you follow the suggestions given here, you will walk out of the store with a flattering wig or hairpiece.

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