Cornrows braids of all styles

Cornrow braids of all styles stem from the original basic style. Cornrow braids have a long history in the African American culture. The history of this hairstyle is perhaps more interesting than the hairstyle itself. This article will focus on the history of cornrow braids.

Cornrow braids can be traced back to countries such as Ethiopia. Warriors and black kings would wear their hair in cornrow style braids because they wear a neat and tidy way to keep hair out of their faces.

This style is a staple hairstyle for African people and is a big part of their culture. This hairstyle is a way for them to display their heritage, beliefs, religions, political views, and their ethnicity.

When African people were forced to come to America and work as slaves for wealthy people, it was common for them to have their hair shaved when they came off the boats. This was considered a sanitary precaution, which does not say much for the living conditions of the boats. However, their hair eventually grew back and so did the cornrow hairstyle.

Slaves were allowed to wear their hair in cornrows because it was an easily maintained hairstyle. It was also a perfect way for them to keep their hair tidy while they worked. African hair when not properly cared for can be wild and untenable. That is why they were probably allowed to wear their hair in braids instead of having their haircut.

In the nineteen sixties and seventies, black women did not want to display their natural hair in public. Many of them would have their hair straightened before being seen in the community. However, after a popular actress was seen wearing cornrows on TV, black woman became less shy about their natural hair. This is when popular hairstyles such as cornrows and afros became popular. These hairstyles were a perfect way for them to display their natural hair texture.

Cornrows gained popularity among white people when a blonde actress named Bo Derek was seen wearing cornrows in a popular movie called Blake Edwards. Cornrows are a popular tourist attraction in Caribbean locations among many different ethnic cultures.

In some countries such as Nigeria, braids are thought of as a woman’s hairstyle until recently. Times are changing and men are beginning to sport many different braided hairstyles. One of which is the basic cornrow hairstyle.

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