dreadlocks beehive

The dreadlocks beehive hairstyle is exactly what the name describes. It is just dreadlocks rolled up in a beehive shaped creation. This style can work for women as well as men. I think its more of a refined look for those who have long dreads hanging down their backs and want a break from the hanging hair. I love how her honey blonde locs. So beautiful. You can also check out these 19 Pics of Women Dreadlocks for a little hair inspiration and ideas.

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  • As a sophomore in high school this is my inspiration to battle the opposing comments and be proud of my locks and the person they’ve helped me become. For this I thank all the strong black brothers and sisters rockin locks!

  • I love this style. I too maintenance locks. And try too acheive innovated styles to show that natural hair can be just as versatile as relaxed hair.Keep up the good work Sis BLESSINGS .Re

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