Dreadlocks Maintenance

One thing you definitely need to know is that Dreadlocks Maintenance is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping them healthy so they loc up correctly and refrain from breaking off. You must keep moisture in those thirsty roots or you will suffer major hair damage. There is several questions that should be asked and answered so to get the answers we are providing you with a link to a reputable dreadlocks website. Enjoy!

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  • How do I get the treatment for dreadlocks. I would like also to get magazine on everything about dreads most especially on how to style them. Thanks in advance

  • Hello
    I have always loved the dread locks, but due to working in the corporate world was never brave enough to do to my pressed hair what I really wanted, which was to dread it out.
    Please send me any information that is relevant to this hairstyle, because I’m going to do it ASAp.


  • ive just recently started my dreads/twists on valentines day and im unsure if my hair is done correctly can anyone help

  • well when i first started my dreads they where wonderful .and now the dreads in the middle of my head broke off bad and i was wondering what should i do ????? please HELP

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