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Featured Member: Stylish Short Haircut

Montoya’s stylish hairstyles is an example of short haircut ideas for black women. If you want a short hairstyle that is versatile, check out Montoya’s haircut styling ideas. Her natural wavy hair texture is relaxed and styled with a trendy vogue look, whether wrapped and go or curled and flipped. Read on to find out how this ThirstyRoots.com Member keeps this hairstyle in tact and her “thirsty roots” healthy.

TR: How long have you had relaxed hair and why do you choose to relax your hair?

Montoya: I’ve had relaxed hair for about 10 years.I love wearing my hair short, and the pixie cut is my favorite. So with my hair texture being wavy, relaxing it makes cutting and styling easier.

TR: What are your choice hairstyles and haircuts?

Montoya: My hair being short, and I love wearing curls. I use both razor and shears.

TR: How do you maintain your haircut? How often do you need to get it cut?

Montoya: My hair grows fast so keeping a trim versus cutting is easier.Trimming my hair every three weeks. However my edges as often as needed.

TR: What is your current hair care regimen?

Montoya: For healthier hair, I try and minimize the use of heat to my hair. Curls hold well, they last about five days. If I decide to wear it pixie,I use the wrap and brush technique.

TR: How do you keep it moisturized and shiny?

Montoya: I use the silk scarf and night, the Triple Gro wrapping scarf. ION glossing mist for moisture and shine. For heat protection, I use ION Heat Protection.

TR: What are must-have products and techniques do you use to style your hair?

Montoya: My must haves are, Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam and Wax Works. I love Kera Care Shampoos and Conditoners. Styling my hair is always me being creative, my energy.

TR: What are your favorite accessories?

Montoya: I love the ION Titanium Styling Iron & Curling Iron. Spornette Mini brush

TR: What do you love about your hair?

Montoya: It grows fast. This allows me to change my hairstyle without adding hair.

TR: Anything else you may want to add?

Montoya: Thanks for featuring me on ThirstyRoots!!!

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