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Featured Member: Natural Beauty

Rebelle shares with us her natural hair journey 2010 hairstyles. She loves to wear funky “wild” natural hair and loves to accentuate with fashionable accessories. Over the years Rebelle has experienced natural hair do’s and dont’s, so read on and learn how this ThirstyRoots.com Member brings out her “thirsty roots” natural beauty through her natural hair journey.

TR: How long have you been natural and why do you choose to be natural?

Rebelle: I have been natural since 1997. I was 16 year old at the time. Although my hair was relaxed it would never stay straight and would poof up with the slightest humidity. I figured hey… its looks natural… why not just stop relaxing?

TR: How did you cope with the responses from your family and friends?

Rebelle: I let them roll off of my back. I made sure to make sure that my hair always looked funky but well groomed. People would say your hair looks good on you … but i could never do that. I also was referred to as the dread… or the chick with the wild hair. My hair was always a crazy hair color…. and i embraced being called “wild”.

TR: What is your current hair care regimen?

Rebelle: My current hair regimen is just to LEAVE IT ALONE… I have braided, colored, and twisted my hair to the edge of its life and beyond over the years. I have definitely learned my lesson. Now.. I wash once a week w/ a deep conditioner. Oil it  plait it , and try to  (for the most part) rock one style per week.

TR: How do you keep it moisturized?

Rebelle: I use avocado butter , aloe vera gel, and water.

TR: What products and techniques do you use to style your hair?

Rebelle: I always plait my hair post wash. when my hair is almost dry  i replait. This stretches the hair.

TR: What are your must have products?

Rebelle: Avocado butter and castor oil.

TR: What are your favorite accessories?

Rebelle: My favorite accessories are my leather rosette hair pin, my peas in a pod hair clips. Most of my hair accessories  and jewelry I make myself and they can be found  on www.kadensaunty.etsy.com . I looooooooooovvveeee  big interesting pieces. Love earrings.

TR: What do you like the most about being naturally glamorous?

Rebelle: The fact that your hair is like a tree. You can line up 10 natural chicks and all of them can look fly in their own way. The hair grows from the roots creating its own essence its own style. Each natural head is unique.

TR: Anything else you may want to add?

Rebelle: Enjoy your hair.

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  • I’ve gone natural since February of this year and as of the summer my hair has just now started to take it’s course. I’m having problems trying to keep my hair looking curly and I’m thinking that it has something to do with the products but I’m not sure. I’ve been without a perm for over 16 yrs and just did the press and curl, so I thought that my hair would transition pretty quickly and it didn’t

    Please give me some advice as to what could I be doing wrong?


  • Love your hair, good to see natural sistas having fun their hair. I’m trying hard to do the same with my 4C. I’m almost 7mths natural and so far love the twisted out look. Happy Hair Journey to you.

  • Hi, it’s going on two years now and my hair is 4c and thin and soft my question is I have a little breakage on the tips and SO TIRED OF trying different products that best fits my hair , please help what I’m I doing wrong !!!!

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