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Styling your hair in dreadlocks is not only a great choice for convenience, but it is also a great choice for fashion.  As long as they are done right, dreadlocks can make anyone look a little hipper and a little better.  You just need to pick the right size of dreadlocks for your face shape.  If you have a small or thin face, you would do better to go with thin or micro dreads.  These are also the dreads that will act the most like unstyled hair if you are trying to put it in a ponytail or something.  Medium sized dreads look good with round or oval faces for the most part.  Thick dreads are best for people with square faces and strong jaws – this ensures that your face won’t be overshadowed by your hairstyle.  However, if you have enough creativity, you can really pull off any style of dreadlocks you choose.  To get started with this life changing hairstyle, all you need to do is begin some hair twist locks.

Twisting your hair is the best way to get dreadlocks.  There are other methods such as perming that will also work, but they are really hard on your hair.  In fact, if you decide to get your dreads by perming you stand to actually lose some of your dreads.  The damage that occurs at the root of your hair during the perming process can weaken it and let an entire dread fall out.  Twisting your hair into dreadlocks will eliminate all of that.  The way to create dreadlocks with twisting begins with dividing your hair into sections of approximately one to three inches.  The larger the square, the larger your eventually dreads will be.  Now you want to twist your hair in the same direction.  The goal is to get your hair to lock into itself and stay in the twist.  Naturally textured hair will do that easier.  You can also help the locking process by applying wax to your hair as you twist it.  There is wax that is especially designed for making dreads.  It is non-sticky and so you won’t get any dust or other particulate matter stuck in your dreads.

Hair twist locks will turn into full-fledged dreadlocks in a couple of months.  The longer that you leave them in, the more your dreads will turn into an individualized hairstyle that looks great on nearly everyone.

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