Twists Dreadlocks

If you are thinking about styling your hair into increasingly popular dreadlocks, there are many methods which you can choose.  Some of them look more uniform, some are easier to do, and some work better on different types of hair.  The way you create your dreadlocks will both determine how they look in the end as well as how easy you can change your style away from dreadlocks and into something else.  For instance, if you decide to perm your dreadlocks in, you can get them done in just a few hours.  However, if you ever want to take them out, you really can’t – your hair has been chemically altered.  The best method for good looking dreadlocks that will come out if you want them to are twists dreadlocks.

As a note, dreadlocks made by twisting work best on the textured hair of Africans.  If you have thin or fine Caucasian hair you will probably not be very successful with the twist method.   This is because twisting relies on the texture in the hair to grip onto itself and form interlocking twists.  Slippery hair will simply untwist no matter how much wax you apply.

With that in mind, if you still think that twisting is the best way to get your dreads, this is how you should start.  Either at a salon or with a friend, you need to section your hair off into one or two inch squares.  Each square should then be twisted around itself.  As you twist you can apply a thin layer of natural wax to your hair to keep it in place.  At the end of the twist secure your hair with a rubber band.  Don’t secure it too tightly; you will break the ends of your hair and besides you will be able to remove it in a week or so anyway.  For the first few weeks after you twist in your dreadlocks you should retwist them in direction of their original twisting so that they maintain their interlocking method as they grow.  You shouldn’t need to apply much more wax.  Use just enough to keep them looking their best.

Twists dreadlocks can also be made from shorter hair that you wish to grow out in a dread style.  Simply start twisting each section of your hair into a dread every day.  It will soon begin to grow into this style of dreadlocks that is fashionable, natural, and easy to care for.

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  • Hi
    Your information is very helpful, thank you!
    I am an adoptive Mom and have just tried this style of twisting coils on my African son’s hair this week…I was really pleased with the achievability of it even for me 🙂
    Can you please advise now how and how often to wash to maintain hygiene and keep the style? His hair is just over an inch long at the moment and he says some parts are itchy already- it has been 2 days!! Thanks soooo much I am very grateful for people like you 🙂

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