Natural Twists Coils Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a great way to wear your hair.  First of all, you can cut about twenty minutes out of your morning routine.  There is no need to blow dry, curl, comb, or otherwise style your dreads.  Just clip them out of your face or give them a good tousle and you are good to go.  At the same time, you will only need to wash your hair once every one to two weeks.  This also will save you a lot of time in the long run.  Dreadlocks, despite their traditional Rastafarian image, are becoming more and more popular these days.  This is because there are so many ways in which to make dreadlocks that allow you control the look of your hair as well as give yourself the option of removing your dreads if you are ready for a new look.  Natural twists coils dreadlocks are a great way to get the look that you’ve been hoping for.

In order to get your dreadlocks going, you need to be willing to spend about a half a day working on your hair.  Invite a friend over and watch a couple of movies.  The investment that you put in on the first day will pay off in the long run.  Of course, some people say that the best way to get dreads is simply not to wash your hair for about two or three years; this method is just gross and results in uneven dreads and bad smells.  Instead, work on your dreads in the following manner: Section off your hair into approximately one inch squares.  Then take each of these sections and twist all the hair together.  As you twist and rub, add a little dollop of dread wax to each section.  All of this twisting in and coiling ensures that the natural texture of your hair will cause it to bind together and form a secure and sleek looking dreadlock.

Over the next few weeks, as your dreads are setting into place, you’ll want to recoil them periodically.  Don’t wash your hair for about two weeks and make sure that you immediately recoil your dreads after you do wash your hair for the first time.  You should also apply just a little bit of wax after the first wash.  However, if you are going for the natural twists coils dreadlocks, you want to avoid as much product as possible.  You’re hair will be cleaner and more natural that way.

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