How To Do Black Hair Twists

There are so many types of twists, that it may be hard to decide which one to try first. There are double strand twists, three strand twists, finger twists, and flat twists. Learning how to do black hair twists might be difficult at first, unless you start with something fairly easy.

Flat Twists

With this style, you’ll need to decide if you are going for zig zag, straight, or diagonal rows. This can be done on either damp or dry hair, but make sure you have some hair cream or water-based styling gel. You’ll need to make sure that these are close to the scalp and use even sized strands of hair. The looser you make the twists, the more likely they will fall out before you are ready for them to come out.

After you’ve come up with the design you want, then it’s time to start sectioning off your rows. The thicker the section of hair you make, the bigger the flat twist is going to be. Once you have a section of hair, you will need to divide this into two sections as well. So, you will have a division of hair that is separated into two sections.

You will work your way down the row by overlapping section one over section two. After you overlap section one the first time, grab a little bit of hair to add to section one and overlap section two again. Keep adding more hair and overlapping until you get to the end of the row. Complete these for as many rows as you want and bind the ends with an elastic hair tie, so they don’t unravel.

Finger Twists
For this hair style, you don’t need extra tools or even long hair. You can have hair that is only a half of an inch long and be successful with this hair twist. A comb isn’t necessary, unless you would like to have parts that are more well defined. If you only use your finger to section out the hair, it will be more natural looking.

However large of a twist you want, this is how much hair you will grab for a twist. You can add a little bit of water-based styling gel to the twist, in order to make it smoother, but these can also be made without any gel. Take the hair and coil it around you finger until the twist is formed; repeat this wherever you would like a twist to be placed.

Both of these styles of twists are very basic and easy, even for people who haven’t had much practice with doing their own hair. Hopefully these descriptions are helpful in explaining how to do black hair twists.

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