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How To Take Care of Relaxed Hair

Now more than ever women are asking how to take care of relaxed hair especially now that the natural hair movement has really taken off. It’s all about getting your hair to be as healthy as it can no matter how you wear it. Here is a great article for growing long hair which includes wonderful tips on taking care of relaxed hair too. Enjoy!

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  • I would like to know how to care for hair loss in the crown of my head due to hormonal, diabetes and stress issues. I do have hair coming in but thin and weak.
    Thanks for your suggestions. We older ladies would love to take care of our beautiful silver. Any ideas?

  • Hello, i am about to transition from relaxed to natural…again..i did a bc in 2007 but i had no clue what to do with my hair. I didnt want to get it braided bc the African braid shops in my area all snip your hair to keep it from sticking out the braid and braids cause me to lose my edges. So this time i and transitiong…from relaxed to natural i am also beginning to make my own hair products from all natural ingredients….and yes box perms are not good for your hair..i know this first hand. My hair grew out very fast when it was natural i had a huge fro..this time i will do more braid and twist outs!

  • I want to know how can I get my hair to start growing again. I would like to start going from a relaxer to natural without cutting my hair bald. Please can you give me some pointers to where to start?

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