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Huetiful Hair Steamer In Salon Reviews With Owners

Huetiful Hair Steamer

Interview with President and Founder of Huetiful

Thirsty Roots was present in The Dollhouse Salon when the President and Founder of Huetiful Mr. Ken Burkeen and his business partner Nelly showcased their Huetiful Hair Steamer. We were able to capture the highlights of the event and also speak with many women about their experience with the product.

The reviews were great and there were natural and relaxed hairstyles in attendance. We interviewed Ken and he eloquently explained the features and benefits to having the Huetiful steamer in your hair care and styling toolbox.

The company is doing well and has many followers as it spreads across the nation into many other Salons outside of Atlanta. The videos and pictures should detail the professional quality of the product and the integrity of the owners. They have taken a slice of the pie in the black hair market and sweetened it enough to where women and men of color will want to try a piece.

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  • Excellent video editing and coverage of a great event! All the variety of hair textures on beautiful women make me smile:)

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