just for me hair milk conditioner

The just for me hair milk conditioner is trying to give the well branded Carol’s Daughter product as serious run for their money literally. Black mothers are much more sensitive about their child’s hair which means they won’t hesitate to spend the cash to take care of it properly. Most women will neglect and sacrfice doing their own hair in order to make sure their daughter’s is done.

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  • The just for me hair milk is nothing like the carol’s daughter. It’s cheaper but not at all equal. Don’t be fooled. I use CD on my daughters hair the extra money is well worth it.

  • I do spend a lot of money on products for my 3 year old daughters hair and I did try JFM’s hair milk. I wasnt satisfied at all. It left my hands all sticky and I hated it. I wouldnt buy it again. A great product is Dream Kids Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Detangling Oil Moisturizer by African Pride.

  • where can i get this for me and my daughter, both are hair stay dry n no matter what i do it stay dry and cant shine.

  • I just stumbled on thirsty roots and I am glad I did. I would like to chime in about the “just for me: Hair Milk” product. DO NOT PUT THIS HAIR PRODUCT IN YOUR DAUGHTERS HAIR. I REPEAT, “DO NOT USE”.

    I used this product on my daughters hair and it changed her hair texture. She went from Aoki Lee hair texture to a very kinky coiled curly hair. It made her hair thick but not in the good way. Her hair texture changed drastically. By the way, my daughter was 5 years old. Now she is six and her hair texture is unmanagable as an end result.

    But it is ultimately up to the readers to make a decision. I would post before and after pictures, but being that this is the internet I prefer not to post my daughters pictures. But please trust and believe what I am telling you.

    If you don’t, you will soon find out when your daughter’s hair texture has changed.

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