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In many cases, dreadlocks get a bad rap.  A lot of people think that they are dirty and can become infested by insects.  This is just plain wrong.  Dreadlocks, especially micro dreads are a great way to manage your hair in a style that will keep looking good year after year.  It is actually a very good style for busy people, as the hairstyle is very low maintenance.  You will have to wash your hair, of course, but probably only three or four times a month.  You also won’t have to worry about styling it every morning with a lot of product or heat.  You can clip back dreads or use other hair accessories to keep them out of your face, but once you decide on your original dread pattern you won’t have to worry about maintaining a style.  Taking a look through a micro dreadlocks gallery should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect if you are thinking about taking up this kind of hairstyle.

Micro dreadlocks are the smallest of the dread options.  If large dreadlocks are about the width of a man’s thumb, micro dreads are about the width of a baby’s pinky.  A lot of women like to have micro dreadlocks because they are supple enough to be styled like real hair.  Of course, with real hair you also have to worry about flyaway and humidity; with dreads these considerations can be thrown out of the window.  Micro dreads are good for people who have a thin face or thin hair.  That is because they don’t have to hang in your face but can attractively be swept back.

One popular way to wear micro dreadlocks is to pull them back into a ponytail that is then held with a color piece of ribbon or a bandana.  It only takes a few seconds to achieve and allows you to coordinate your hair with just about any outfit.  You can even braid micro dreads into one large braid or two smaller pigtails.  If you would rather just let your dreads be natural, micro dreadlocks are also good for that too.  They fall the most like real hair.

As you can see, after taking a look at just a few of the hairstyles that exist in the micro dreadlocks gallery, this is very versatile style that takes dreadlocks away from their hippie connotation and gives them legitimacy as a very real hairstyling option.

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