Yarn Twists African American Hair

Creating yarn twists can be loads of fun, especially if you throw in some exciting colors every now and then. Finding yarn that matches your exact hair color might be difficult. Try to get it as close as possible to your own and you can stick in a few strands of other colors if you want. Learning how to add yarn twists African American hair stylists charge for can provide you with an excellent hairstyle for much less.

Once you have your yarn choice, you will need to wet your hair and divide it into four sections. Make sure each section is equal and then divide these into rows. Start with the lock of hair that is closest to the middle of the head. Your yarn strands should be already cut into the desired lengths. Each strand of yarn will need to be folded in half and it is from this that the desired length should be taken. If you measure the length before folding it in half, you will end up with pieces that are too short.

Make sure to add on a few inches to give you room when you attach the yarn to the hair. Wet the lock of hair and add some gel as well. Having an additional set of hands might be very helpful with this next step. You will need to hold the lock of hair out straight and wrap the yarn around where the hair attaches to the scalp. Criss cross the yarn in opposite directions to wind it around the lock.

After you’ve made a few wraps with the yarn, be sure to check and see if the strands of yarn are still equal lengths. This is why you wrap the yarn evenly in both directions. Braid the yarn into the hair for an inch or so and then begin the twists after this. When you finally make it to the end of the twist, you can secure the ends by tying a knot in the yarn.

If you don’t like the knot showing in the yarn, you can opt for taking a lighter and singeing the yarn. It will turn it a lighter color, but you can roll it between your fingers while it is hot and make is stay together. The finished product will provide you with yarn twists African American hair stylists pay big money to create. It will take quite a bit of time, but the result will be fabulous.

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