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So you want a little color from a natural hair rinse and you want a little more information. I would first like to say that coloring your hair can make you look like a superstar as it enhances your other attributes as a women many times bringing out eye color and shining a light on skin tone.

There are rinses that do not contain ammonia or peroxide, yet provide effective hair color. But rinses are more of a coating, than a penetrating color. Thus an African-American woman with dark hair cannot get a lighter color than her natural hair. Rinses limit you to your own natural shade range.

Also, rinses are semi-permanent, thus they will fade more and more with each consecutive wash. The advantage of a rinse is, because it does not penetrate the shaft, it may be applied immediately following a relaxer treatment.

Another safe and semi-permanent color option is henna. Henna is a natural dye that is plant derived. It contains no peroxide or ammonia, and like a rinse it coats the shaft, more than penetrates it. Henna is available in limited colors. The most popular colors are black, indigo and clay red. Henna, like a rinse may be applied to the hair immediately after a relaxer, without adverse affects.

You are now armed with information that will help you decide if you want to color your hair using chemicals or straight natural.

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