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Natural moisturizer for black hair

Natural moisturizers for black hair can benefit hair more than store bought conditioners. Some women have a hard time finding a conditioner that works for them. Several of them have many chemicals in them that can actually have a reverse affect to your hair. This article will explain how you can make moisturizers at home, which work for any type of hair!

All of these recipes can be used by anyone, on any type of hair. The reason for this is the ingredients that are used. Things such as olive oil and avocado, they trap moisture and lock it into the hair. This allows the hair to receive the moisture that it needs, all day long.

Every time you buy conditioner, you could be buying something that you already have at home. You may not realize it but all of your moisturizing needs lie in your kitchen, waiting to be discovered. Let us begin discovering them now.


Eggs: Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to crack an egg on your head? Well you are about to find out! Beat one tablespoon of water into the egg mixture and blend thoroughly. Wet your hair with warm water and towel dry excess moisture from your hair. Apply the egg mixture to your entire scalp and massage the froth gently into your head. Rinse your hair with cool water, making sure to continue rinsing until all of the egg is washed away.

Egg and Avocado: Separate the egg white from the egg yolk, combine the egg yolk with a mashed avocado. Apply to your hair for fifteen minutes and then wash hair as normal. If you do not want to waste the egg white, you can apply it to your face as a moisturizing mask.

Mayonnaise: Measure out one half of a cup of mayonnaise. Apply and work the mayonnaise into damp hair. When you have applied to your hair, cover with a shower cap for twenty minutes. Rinse the mayonnaise out before shampooing as normal. You can also heat the mayonnaise if preferred.

Goulash: Everyone loves a good fruit salad now and again, even your hair! You will need: one over-ripe mashed banana, one rotten mushy avocado, half a cup of mayonnaise, one teaspoon of olive oil, one egg and a handful of oatmeal. Mix together all of the ingredients, in any order are fine. Apply this goulash mess to damp hair and allow it to sit for fifteen minutes. You will need to rinse very thoroughly before shampooing.

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  • Wow i never knew food are also important for for our hair also. W o thank you so much to post this.

  • Raw coconut, tea tree oil, almond oil, apple vinegar and eucalyptus needs to be added to this list.

    I was told I had severe psorisis (sp) and withing 1 month my itchy flaky scalp was fully cured. Wash hair with apple vinegar. It will tingle, borderline burn. Allow the vinegar to remain on the scalp for a few minutes. It will be uncomfortable. rinse completely with lukewarm water.
    For conditioner use raw cococut oil (organic) and allow to sit. Rinse, dry hair. Part hair in 4 and apply same coconut out to scalp. Brush hair and style as usual. For upkeep consider using teastree/almond or olive oil mixture. Remember, tea tree oil should never be applied directly to the scalp.
    Best of all, you can use the coconut oil to moisturize your body. I always leave the bathroom smelling like a macaroon cookie. It’s a great salve for the skin. It works for the entire family and IS very affordable. Even better, when it spills no one needs to get gloves or wear a mask to clean it up.

  • Thank You so much for this. My Grama used to put egg and mayo on our hair as children and leave it on for a a while before rinsing, air drying, and straightening. I am now going back to my roots and using some of the same beauty regimens. Please send me updates as I’m gonna need help with this! Thanks again, Peace!

  • I have recently started to grow my hair natural after i notice all the breakage from the perm that doing to my hair. my hair needed lot of moisture for im always braiding it and i wasnted to use natural things. Before i use to use mayonnaise and egg to condition my hair but i never knew it was good for my hair till i started doing on the regular. THANK YOU SOO MUCH for bringing my eye of natural seeing to these recipes they really work and i believe its a growing process. God bless

  • I have 9month locs and I have itchy scalp. My loctician washes it then aafter a week or so starts back itching.ive tried oils.any suggestions?

  • I will be using some of these excellent homemade conditioners on my hair, have been natural for 18 months now and loving it, I also use spray bottle of water and oils to give moisture to my very dry hair. I also spritz daily with water, has anyone any other good ideas please? many thanks. Sonja. x

  • Thanks for the information, very helpful! My hair is thick and curly and the best product I’ve used to take care of dryness is Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner, my hair is hydrated and healthy now 🙂

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