One year Natural Hair growth after Transitioning

Length of Natural Hair After 1 Year InstaFeature @kamitinae who just recently celebrated one year Natural Hair growth after Transitioning. She transitioned for a year from relaxed to natural and then did the “big chop”. Below you will find some super hot pics like the 7-months of hair growth pic where she is rocking blue lipstick.

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I’ve tried tons of ways to get that PERFECT curl pattern. Twist-outs…Braid-outs…all the gat dog on outs. Then I realized that Kami has a life and there just ain’t enough time in the gat dog on day for that! So…..I wash and I go! Just tons of water …some moisturizer…and an oil to seal. A frizzy mess is just what Ive been looking for! Lol Yay loving me. #kamitinae#naturalhair#blackhair#blackgirlsrock#teamnatural#curlyhair#bighair

 homemade-shea-butter-moisturizer-natural-hair Length-of-natural-hair-after-one-year natural-afro-with-blue-lipstick natural-curly-hair-after-one-year-growth natural-hair-updo-with-red-bandanna


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