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7 Benefits to Using Castor Oil on Hair

7 Benefits to Using Castor Oil on Hair

Here are 7 benefits to using castor oil on hair to optimize growth and healthier follicles. The list provides some awesome information but before we dive into it let us ask you a question.

Did you know that castor oil carries great things in it like proteins, vitamin E, minerals, anti-fungicidal and antibacterial properties?

Leading scientist assign its healing power and benefits to the unusual chemical composition it carries. This is a composition consisting of a triglyceride of fatty acids with ricinoleic acid of up to 90 percent. Castor oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties which are related to hair growth and keeping your thirsty roots healthy.

1. Sealing

Natural hair is very dry by nature and to combat the dryness of your thirsty roots you can use Apricot Castor Oil as a sealant. One of the most popular ingredients for sealing moisture in the hair is castor oil after using a water based moisturizer. It coats the shaft of the hair like a dream.

2. Prevent Hair Loss

Apricot Castor Oil has anti fungal and antibacterial properties that help in combating infection in the scalp such as ringworm, peidra and follliculitus. Many women experience major hair loss due to scalp disorders and infections. Nasty pathogens and micro-organisms such as parasites, fungus, bacteria even viruses can attack your scalp and skin which usually leads to impeding hair growth and bald patches.

3. Improve Circulation of The Scalp

Massaging Apricot Castor Oil on your scalp can greatly increase circulation. The strengthening effect it has on the follicles of hair can stimulate growth especially in cases of alopecia.

4. Shine

For the absolute best results in shine, the use of a hot oil treatment at least once a month will surely make your thirsty roots shinier. Apricot Castor Oil has the ability to coat the shaft of the hair creating a silky surface by sealing in the moisture.

If your hair is dull try conditioning it with the use of Apricot Castor Oil. Castor oil hair treatments have been found to increase the luster of hair by leading researchers who actually studied the light reflected from hair samples. In other words…it works!!

5. Moisturizing Scalp & Thickening Hair

While not a TRUE moisturizer like water the omega 6 fatty acids in Apricot Castor Oil help to keep the scalp from drying out. Even the regular use of castor oil can encourage thicker hair growth. Cold pressed oil like our Apricot Castor Oil is preferred over refined or heated because it maintains the healing properties and nutrients. Your hair can be softer and more manageable by using castor oil for hot oil treatments and scalp massages which stimulates the growth of your hair.

6. Control Split Ends

Using Apricot Castor Oil as a conditioning treatment can help reduce split ends which is a major contributing factor to hair loss and breakage. There are some important nutrients in castor oil like vitamin E, proteins and omega 6 fatty acids that can penetrate damaged and dry hair.

The results of this penetration to your thirsty roots is smoother cuticles and more moisture maintained in the shaft of the hair. Regular castor oil including Jamaican Black is very thick and can be difficult to handle on your hair.

However, our cold pressed castor Oil is mixed with Apricot Oil producing a lighter consistency with the same benefits. This allows the apricot Castor Oil to be distributed evenly and in a more sufficient way throughout your hair.

7. Dry Scalp Treatment and Dandruff

A great way to treat dandruff is to use Apricot Castor Oil which has germicidal, fungicidal and insecticidal properties which are extremely effective in treating the things that cause dandruff. By applying castor oil directly to your scalp in the troubling dandruff areas or where you experience dryness you can help alleviate the problem. Doing this before washing and or shampooing your hair produces great results.

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