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20 Amazing Short Hairstyles for Black Women

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short hairstyles for black women

So you are looking for some short hairstyles for black women huh?

Well, look no further.

Here are 20 smoking hot haircuts that are styled for many different facial types of African American women. If you have cruised through Instagram lately you have seen some cuts that have made you drool. These are not the styles you see in your typical black hair magazine. You can rock these cuts and curls in the year 2015 and 2016.

Pictures of short hairstyles for black women, you ready?

We got excited in curating the selections. It’s a wonderful thing to have a platform like ours. We are able to showcase beautiful black women and men consistently. If you are about “The Cut Life” we have you covered in this post. Don’t be afraid to chop it up ladies. The short black hairstyles we display are tough. Some are bold and take crazy confidence to wear around your city. Others are toned down but still fierce.

Speaking of fierce, have you seen our 75 Black Braided Hairstyles?

We truly have set you up for dating, work or play. You can choose from a very short look with hair color. You can select curly natural styling. Or, dive right into a cute shaved number. It’s your choice. We have made it easy for everyone.

1. Dirty Blonde Curly

A beautiful way to cut your naturally curly hair. Add a bit of the dirty blonde color highlights for some dramatic contrast. This is a low maintenance choice many women can roll with.

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  • I love how they incorporated all those diff colors in her hair. I would love to do that I have yet to find a great hairstylist i live in the brockton MA area if anyone has any recommendations i would love that.

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