yaki hair color chart

Here is a general list and visual of a hair weave or yaki hair color chart. Most hair extensions, wigs, and weaves come in these colors. Specialty blends may come with only custom ordered hair and may be more expensive depending on the quality and brand of the hair.

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My goal is to teach myself and others about our beautiful black hair and to have a place where we can come together to get examples, advice, and information of black hair growth and hairstyles. Whether you have permed, pressed, or natural hair it's still black hair and it's beautiful.

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  1. Jessica Jones

    What’s the best braiding curly human hair to buy? I want a mohawlk and braids kn the side..thanks!!

  2. Kristi Grier

    What’s the kind of track hair to get if you want a bang? I want it to have some color like dark blue or purple…thanks


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