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Natural Remedies: Castor Oil

Do you know the benefits of castor oil for natural hair and hair growth in general? Today, many people are using castor oil to help seal moisture and to prevent dry scalp on their natural tresses, and it works for any hair texture.

Here is a list of benefits for using castor oil as a hair care solution:


• Promotes hair growth

• Moisturizes hair and scalp

• Helps reduce damaged split ends

• Helps to tame frizz

• Creates full healthy hair by thickening


The reason castor oil helps in these areas is because of its fatty acids:

The germicidal, insecticidal and fungicidal properties of Ricin and Ricinoleic acid present in castor oil protect the scalp and hair from microbial and fungal infections, the two prime causes for hair loss. In addition, the fatty acids in it nourish hair and prevent the scalp from drying by retaining moisture.


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  • hi i have herd alot abt castro oil but never in the hair how often do you put it inand is the something else you can use to grow out you hair without damaging the scalp to limit the growth of hair. it may sound crazy

  • My hair is very thin and I’m having a hard time to get it to grow .What do you suggest
    It’s short and broke off .weaves if so what kind,braids what kind? HELP!!!!!!

  • Lawd i have startes a castor oil regimen, i use it daily after a copoo. It has thickened up my hair like no other… I could never get a straight part because of missing or broken pieces. It has also started growing back my BALD edges…i was feeling hopeless!!!!!!! Jamaican black castor oil, lavendar scent smells and works great!!!!! I have told many people about it, they don’t believe…oh well…and i am tracking with pictures!

  • Thank you for providing useful information about castor oil. I sell Castor Oil for Hair and use it religiously. Personally, I had balding in the crown of my head. I used castor, shea butter and a mixture of essential oils and I can already see results. Please feel free to check out my youtube video of my progress on my about us page at :

  • I have started using castor oil for the past 2-3 weeks and let me tell you it is just great.

    It does whatever it says. My hair had gotten thin and were not even growing properly but castor oil just does the job very well. I dont have to worry about anything now.

  • I will have to try some of this castor oil, maybe twik my hair care regimen to include it. Thanks for the info!

  • I agree castor oil is a GREAT benefit to dry hair and that’s why we use it in our oil. Rapunzel’s Hair Silk is non-oily/greasy. I LOVE it!

  • Do I need to use castor oil that is specific to hair use, or can I use the drug store castor oil that is used for medicinal purposes? If I need a specific kind, where can it be purchased? Thanks and God bless!

  • My hair falls out before it gets the chance to grow and it’s very dry, brittle, and rough. How do I stop this from happening? What kind of Castor oil do I use and what do I mix it With, and how often do I use It?

  • Castr oil is the best

    in my country people drink it
    it helps clean the intestines and gets all that cold out of your belly

  • Dumb questions, do I apply the castor oil to scaple and ends directly or mix it in my leave in conditoner?

  • @Theresa no not at all a dumb question. The best way to use castor oil is to massage in the scalp in sections. Try doing this twice a week definitely after washing your hair and after you moisturized and sealed your hair with your choice moisturizer and sealant oil.

  • Use cold-pressed or organic castor oil. If it’s too heavy, mix with oil of choice. I also use it on my combination skin (oil cleaning method)and in two weeks, am seeing decreases in hyperpigmentation and most breakouts. Castor oil is becoming crucial to my beauty regimen, y’all.

  • I have recently heard about castor oil a week ago on youtube. They have all these castor oil hair challenges lol … my main hair problem is my edges, very, very thin. I been appling it three times a week but I have singles, so I cant tell if its working or not but hopefully when I take them out I will see results. Wish me luck !

  • I’ve been using Jamaican black castor oil for a few months and my hair is so much softer and gets tangled much less. My hairline was thinning but it grew back. I highly recommend that anyone with dryness or breakage to use castor oil

  • Just started using the cold pressed castor oil, a little sticky and thick, but already my hair is softer.

  • What can you mix castor oil with to make it smell better and h were can you get it from?

  • Where could one get this Jamaican black Castor oil from??..I think i’m in dire need of it.

  • I mix my castor oil with jojoba oil and extra virgin olive oil. The jojoba oil I use to cleanse my face, its thinner than castor oil. I bought a little nozzle type bottle from my bss. I have a patch of NEW hair growing in the middle of my head. I already have thick hair, but this new hair is extra thick and wavy. I would go natural if I would be able to comb it. Lol. P.S. I got all of my oils from the vitamin store. No added ingredients, its all pure.

  • I get my hair twisted at the hairdresser, and return there each time to get it washed and re-done. Can I apply the castor oil on the scalp and ends each morning or do I hv to definitely was until my hair is washed to apply it.

  • I heard about this castor oil thing 3hours ago…I googled it and watched some clips via youtube. Its too good to be true, I feel like there is a “hidden clause” in this miracle oil, especially as we drink it as a mild laxative in South Africa…anyways I’m going to buy a bottle. I want maximum results so I will add it with the hair oils I’m currently using (cocoa butter and jojoba oil). I’m really looking forward to the “darkening” of the hair, I had jet black hair in high school but over the years it turned dark brown…I’m also looking forward to the softened growth-my hair is naturally thick and sometimes can be unmanageable-softened growth will keep me away from the creamy crack (relaxer). I will apply the oil not only to my edges, but to my whole scalp at least once a week.

    Thank you ladies, I have been inspired *cant wait to share*

  • This does work. I’ve been using for about 5 weeks. It makes your hair shiny, thick, and I see that my hair holds the style longer. One thing you have to watch for though, I have break outs on face because my skin is getting use to maintaining oil in hair. I have to keep a strict skin regimen going to prevent acne it seems more than ever. What do you expect… It is a humectant!

  • Wow! My dreadlocks are really thirsty and I am going to get a bottle of castor oil from the drugstore now!

  • Back n the day Castor oil was use to clean out ur system every yrs my grannie would give us Tbspoon of castor oil to keep the cold out , we never got a cold ! My grannie always use Royal Crown hair dressing ! And she would mix it with castor oil ! , my hair was Dwn my bk ! As you get grown and start doing ur on hair ! Pow hair breaking off , hair get thinner from perm ! So I started using it again ! My hair was damage using perms home perms all those yrs so I when natural 6months ago I did the big chop .. ! And happy and so proud of my natural hair . I have coarse hair ! I shampoo and rinse w/ apple cider vinager.. I deep condition my hair w/ 2eggs , mayo , Alittle olive oil let sit for 45 mins and shampoo and I mix castor oil and olive oil n a spray bottle to hold moisture ! And braid it ! N that 1 application of all that done ! My hair was so soft .. Wow ! Even after it dried !
    I have a bald spot at the crown area and I waiting to see the result of the castor oil over time ! I got all my hair regimen from Nature own health store n my area so all r pure natural oils ! I also purchase coconut oil avocados oil ! I luv it thanks … Thirsty Roots for ur website ! God bless !

  • I have been using the Jamaican Black Castor Oil for about 3 weeks. This is not the same as the Castor Oil that you buy in the drug store. The castor beans are roasted until they are dark. The blacker the oil, the better it is. I purchased it from my neighborhood beauty supply store. You can also find sites online that sells it, too. It is a little thick, so a little goes a long way. I have noticed fine hairs growing in around my edges where I had no hair, and I noticed my hair is soft now. Before my hair was very, very, rough, hard, and course to the touch. My blood pressure medicine caused my hair to come out by the handfuls, but since my medication has been switched, I only see a few strands. I am using the oil to regrow my hair, so now I am waiting to see what the end results will be, since I will be using this oil forever.

  • I have been using the castor oil for about 1week,i mixed with olive oil,coconut oil,snake oil,sesame oil,almond oil ,i make everynight hot oil treatment for to see new grow on my hair.

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