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Tame frizz and Smooth hair with Apricot Castor Oil

Tames frizz and smooth hair

Thirsty Roots™ Apricot Castor Oil contains two natural seed oils that are filled with benefits for healthy hair, including taming frizz and smoothing the hair cuticle.

So why is it important to smooth the hair cuticle layer and keep frizz at minimal?

Well, other than the obvious reason of having neat and “layed” styles (lol), smoothing and de-frizzing also help maintain good moisture levels in the hair.

The hair cuticle is the outer part of the hair shaft defending and protecting the softer inner structure called the medulla and cortex against all forms of damage.

Apricot Castor Oil helps keep this layer strong due to its ability to coat the hair shaft, while deeply penetrating to seal in moisture.

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  • I would like to know what to do I have been natural for one year. I thought being chemical free and less heat than before would solve my dry scalp and dandruff problems. However, it seems like the problem is worse at times, I have brought all natural shampoos and nothing really seem to combat this issue. I wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week and deep condition then leave in conditioner. Any suggestions?

  • I have been using thirsty roots on my daughter hair but I am not sure if I am using it. Right I pre treat her scalp and leave it for about an hour then I shampoo it and it leaves her hair . nice and soft and manageable plus no breakage and growing. Is there another way to use the oil.

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