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Apricot Castor Oil Reviews

If you are wonder about how Thirsty Roots™ Apricot Castor Oil feels, smells, or how to use it, check out the following reviews from people around the web. From videos to pictures people are loving this nourishing hair oil and demonstrating their use of the product and testimonials through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.


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A’Kiyia’s Photos via her Facebook Page A’Kiyia Glenn-Kelly



My Natural hair~
I Co-Washed my Hair this morning and Redone my Two-Strand twist.
I used a New Product Called Apricot Castor Oil.
It is By Thirstyroots!
My Hair Loved it!
Its soft and shiny And it smells so good…

– A’Kiyia


“Wow!!! This is Awesome. Never in my 53 years have I use a moisturizer on my hair like the “Apricot castor oil”. I’ve been wearing micro-braids for 5 years now, and after the first week of getting my micro in ,my scalp is normally flaky and dry. I just recently got my hair done and I lightly apply a small amount of the Apricot castor oil to my hair from the roots to the end. I massaged the oil into my scalp and tied my hair down for the night. Not only was my scalp moist the next day but my micro-braids were so soft, I couldn’t stop rubbing my hands through my hair. It has been a week now and my hair feels Awesome. I can’t wait to get my braids out so I can can use the Apricot castor oil on my natural hair because I can only imagine how it will make my natural hair feel. Shout out to The Apricot Castor Oil. I love my Thirsty Roots.”

– Carmen

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