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Apricot Castor Oil Review – Sealing In Moisture

Apricot Castor Oil Review – Sealing In Moisture

Below is a YouTube video of a happy user of Thirsty Roots™ Apricot Castor Oil, explaining how she uses the oil to seal in moisture in her hair and how soft it is due to this process.

Definition of Sealing:

(Seal the Ends) To apply product to the ends of the hair to keep them moisturized and limit breakage. The choice of method is to use a water-based moisturizer (conditioner or cream that has water as its first ingredient), and then seal with a butter or oil.

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Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil Review

This is my own experience with this product. Results may vary.

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  • I love this Apricot Castor oil, it makes my hair very soft. To save time when I’m twisting my hair, I mix it with my Au natural moisturizing souffle…works well together and the scents compliment each other.

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