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Ultra black hair growth products can have favorable results for many people. However, you might spend hundreds of dollar before finding one that works for you. Instead of spending time and money trying to find a successful product, try these simple maintenance tips instead.

African hair tends to be drier than other hair types. This leads to excessive breakage, which in turn causes hair to seem as though it is impossible to grow. There are several ways that you can support your hair, which will in turn cause it to become healthy and strong.

Do not wash your hair more than once a week. Washing your hair excessively will strip it of its natural oils, and these oils are an essential part of keeping hair hydrated. Choose a shampoo that produce for use in dry hair; dandruff shampoos are generally the best. This is because they tend to hydrate the scalp so that it does not become dry.

Use a deep conditioner to avoid excess breakage and repair damaged hair. There are many options available when choosing a conditioner for African hair. Deep conditioners will stimulate hair growth by repairing hair at the shaft. These conditioners have been designed to trap is moisture and keep hair hydrated.

Even though conditioners will help keep hair moisturized, you will need to use a hair moisturizer as well. They work best when used on damp hair. You should apply a moisturizer to your hair every day. Ask your stylist to help find one that will work best for your type of hair. This may sound like a lot of work, but will result in longer, healthier hair.

When styling hair, you should avoid heat when possible. If you must use heat to style your hair, you should use a protective leave in conditioner. You can find leave in conditioners, and other various products, available that protect hair from heat damage. Heat can cause hair to become dry and brittle, and can cause hair to break.

Many people are unaware that certain hairstyles can be hazardous to hair growth as well. However, many hairstyles can help the growth of hair as well. Your stylist will be able to inform you, which style you should choose for your hair type. Beware of tightly braided hairstyles, as many of these can cause hair to fall out, or cause spilt ends, which will hinder hair growth.

Drink plenty of water, apply leave in conditioner generously to the parts of your hair that breaks the easiest, refrain from chemically treating your hair in any way, and wear protective hairstyles such as buns and pony tails. You will be amazed how soon you will see a difference in the health of your hair.

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