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Hair Growth: Length Retention

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Thirsty Roots eMag Article: “Past Shoulder Length”

Hair length retention is the process at which the hair that grows from the scalp is retained along the ends of the hair strands. The hair growth process starts from the roots or follicles of the scalp, but hair length has to be maintained with care in order to achieve long hair.

On an average, hair grows at a rate of 1/2 inch per month which adds up to 6 inches a year. This growth occurs in an individual consistently as long as no medical or genetic health issues exist.

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So if you have no health issues, your hair is growing.

If you do not see the longer lengths, then the big question is how poor is your hair length retention?

You should ask yourself:

  • What is causing my hair breakage?
  • Do I have a good hair regimen?
  • Am I using the right products for my hair texture?
  • Am I excessively damaging my hair with my style choices?

Get down to the root of your length retention problem and immediately stop what is not working and find out what does work for your hair.

A key tip to growing hair and retaining healthy lengths is keep it simple, less is more.

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  • My regimen has always to keep my ends trimmed and I take Biotin supplements to get the nourishment for my hair from the inside out. I wash it once a week altering from a wrap set and sometimes a blow out on the medium setting because I find the hot setting and both dryers are too harsh. I always use a shampoo and conditioner for weak damaged hair although my hair isn’t damaged and I try and use product with Keratin in it and not alot of ingredients that I can’t pronounce. I always use conditioner after I shampoo then follow up with a leave in plus some type of heat protection for the drying.

  • Question: My hair doesn’t grow 1/2 per month. It should be 6 inch for a year; but nothing happened. I guess that caused my hair grows very slow due to stressful? I am wondering if stress causes hair stopping grow and damaged?

    Please advice.

    Thank you.

  • I’ve been transitioning since March of this year and I have at least 3 inches of new growth probably a little more than estimated especially in the top but it amazes me to see what my hair looks like with no chemicals. I’m actually loving the natural curl pattern albeit, it does take a little more time and patience to comb out but I’m mesmerized by MY natural hair. I started my journey because I had weight loss surgery in 2008 and yes my hair has always grown but then would break off due to some deficiencies I encounter from time to time and so I thought I’d go back to a natural state, I don’t regret it one bit. It may surprise some people to know that I encouraged my mother to do the same thing. She’s a diabetic and it appeared as though due to her illnesses and extensive medication regimen her hair was always dry, broken off, and thin……it’s such an amazing thing to see her with a head full of thick hair now, she’s proud of it and so am I. I’m considering getting mine braided for a while, either way I’m happy about my decision. We can’t forget that diet and exercise plays an important role not only for the health of our bodies and minds but our hair, skin, and nails as well.

  • I am trying to grow my hair out long. I have always had long think hair. I love micro’s dearly but suffer the consequence of loosing the edges of my hair. The last time I relaxed my hair was at Easter. Initially, I try to relax my hair every three to four months. I currently have conrows. I paid a good price for them and after the job was completed, I really hated the style. I am going to suffer the consequence and keep them for another month. I wear burgandy or red in my hair. What is a good way to cover gray? I want to do a permanent color. Help!!!

  • My hair has always been short. The middle grows, but the back, front and back edges don’t seem to grow. I don’t relax my hair nor do i use a lot of heat. This summer i decided to actually take care of it. Twice a day, i spray my hair with water. Then i spray it with remi leave in conditioner. After that, i grease my scalp with mega profectiv growth: growth lotion. For the edges and my back hair, i use Dr.Miracle’s serum. So far i have seen a difference. I wash my hair every week and i use Dr.Miracle’s Deep conditioner. I want to know if this is a good régime. I’m also thinking of using cantu moisturizer. Any advice on that? Right now I’m 16 so i want my hair to be long, full, and thick by the Time i’m in my 20s.

  • Beverly,
    You should try Lush products, like their henna hair dye. It is safe to use on our hair, in fact it is good for our hair. The henna is organic and vibrant, but still very natural looking!

  • Hi I wash my hair every week by my father being mixed with white n black I took his texture of his hair so my hair goes more then and 1/2 inch n I only perm my hair 2 a year only when .needed n I only use Olive oil organic products so if you don’t switch out ur products you should b fine n see a difference in your hair

  • I have this friend who is severely diabetic and has thin dry black hair. She conditions after each wash ( once an week) and uses almond and grape seed oil as moisturizers on a daily basis, she brushes her hair every night for 2 minutes but her hair refuses to grow. She uses a hair mask on a regular basis and natural leave in conditioners plus I told her about the ACV I read on this website sometime ago but it doesn’t soon for her. Do you have any advice or pointers on the situation? Is there something she’s doing wrong?

  • Hello Sherrer, maybe your friend is doing too much. Less is best. Make sure she does not have split ends and trim her ends every 6 – 8 weeks. Also, make sure its not a medical issue affecting her hair growth. We recommend that she sees a healthy hair care professional stylist.

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