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Doing a natural hair interview today could almost equal studying for a physics test. Well maybe I’m being a little extreme but you will need to know all the natural hair terminology to effectively conduct a great interview with your subject.

I must say this is mostly necessary when you are doing face to face interviews. If you are asking questions for a website the ball in in your court because the content is pre-written. Perfect example of this is the spotlight I did on one of my Thirsty Roots members named Vicky.

I have many interviews lined up for 2011. It was fun interviewing Taliah Waajid and some relaxed celebs or should I say star hair hairdressers like Kandi Burruss, Dwight Eubanks and Dariel Pulliam. Oh yeah, I can’t leave out entrepreneur’s like Ken Burkeen of the Huetiful Hair Steamer.

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