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relaxed to natural transition picture

Nothing much to say about this relaxed to natural transition picture except that you can really see how her natural hair is taking over. This is what you can expect if your are transitioning from a perm hairstyle. This is a year worth of growth for those who are wondering.

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  • Hi
    I have a huge problem with my hair,i just shaved all my hair due to the fact that it just don’t grow and it’s very dry what can i do to make my hair grow

  • I’ve quitted perm for like 2 years now because i got sick of doing it every three monthes. And i’ve been doing it for 10 years before i finally quit. I realised it’s no use to hide ur identity over some crap just to make it easier to style and wash every now and then. After couple of monthes after quitting, my hair started falling out and became so thin and breakable whenever i needed to style it, even if it was by comb!
    My hair became curly again, and with the use of treatments and soft braiding, it started to grow natural and healthier.

    Just wanted to say that perms, stariaghtners or watever they call it worsens ur hair more than it fixes it.

  • I know alot of girls with long relaxed healthy hair. If you take care of it whatever the texture and not relax or perm too often ( and do it right) you wont have damaged hair.

  • this is hilarious because my hair is just the same! Im so torn between just cutting it off or waiting. My hair isnt as long as hers yet. I really need some transitioning style ideas. I’ve been doing braid-outs but i think its too much for my hair because they dont last but a day without me having to braid them and get them wet again, and my hair is falling out like crazy. 🙁

  • My hair is out of the transitionioning phase from relaxed to natural. it was growing good until some girl did braids in my hair. my hair is now different lengths all around my head and im about to just give up and get it cut. my question is how do i get it to grow back healthy? also, if i cut my hair off will that help it becaome more healthy. Im a little scared because the shortest length of my hair is about on inch and i dont know how to get it cut because that breakage is throughout my whole head.


  • To relax your hair is very good depending on which type of relaxer you use, you should relax about once to twice a year depending if you braid or not. washing your hair once to twice a week is healthy and permed hair my look so sexy but once you transition or stop perming your hair literally falls out, mine did and I was not left bald but almost. Learned my lesson the hard way but never hide your hair your not gonna go to heaven or hell with your weave on. My inner confidence to accept my hair made every one love it and although its difficult to maintain you just manage. weaves should only be an Option

  • I am currently in the transition phase. The last time I permed my hair was May 26, 2011. Unfortunately I don’t wear weaves, braids, or afros. I often find myself in a simple ponytail. But I would like to really embrace the natural look. I don’t want to flat iron my hair on a weekly bases. I need some alternative styles. But I am looking into sew-ins currently. Over time I haven’t really seen my hair grow that much. Do i really have to do the big chop. My hair with relaxer is past my shoulders. I would hate to cut it all off to be left with a few inches. Any recommendations on what I should try?

  • TO RishB…your one year mark is around the corner and if your hair is growing at a normal rate, that is at least 6 inches of natural hair to style and work with …I admit some common natural styles do not compliment everyone the same so using weave is a great way to wear your hair until it is at a comfortable length…I did the big chop, but i don’t think it was necessary. I was just tired of dealing with two textures…do what you feel is best for you! Good luck and check out my BC video on youtube “MishaGoddess427”

  • @ RishB, I have been transitioning for 2 months now and I have been wearing bantu knot outs/twist outs. I use black castor oil with shea moisture products. I wash my hair weekly and I already have an inch of new growth!!! The key is to keep the your scalp and hair shaft moisturized. Also to protect it from breakage by sleeping on a satin pillow or wearing a silk scarf or cap at night. Good Luck!

  • I just started to grow my hair out naturally. The last time I had my hair permed was in October 2011. Within the last five months I have been waering wigs with my hair braided underneath and braids with extra hair. Since I’m in the Marine Corps, I have grooming standards that I have to follow. So I can’t wear my hair out naturally until its manageable. I wore my hair out Monday and people kept walking up to me asking me “What’s going on with your hair?” Now I have it braided back up. This just reminded me what my mother always told me before I was getting perms. “Braid your hair and get the ends clip everytime and wash it every two weeks.”

    My hair started to break off in the beginning of the transformation, but I have found the Creme of Nature Shampoo, Conditioner and Daily Breakage Relief to work. I use LeKair Cholesterol for deep conditioner every two weeks and Triple Tree Grow Hair Grease.

    I have seen my hair go from damage to healthy. I had to search everywhere for the LeKair, only to find out Wal-Mart sells it. My local beauty supply store had stop ordering LeKair Products.

  • Hi, I’m 16 and have decided to transition. My permed hair was past my shoulders until I got an inch and a half of it cut off. I did this so it would be even while transitioning. I’m also half Nigerian and Filipino so my hair texture us really thick and tight curls, a little kinky. I have an inch of new growth in but I would like to go fully natural. I use olive oil shampoo, conditioner, and root cream but I just need a timeline? How long do you think it will take for my hair to be at a reasonable length?

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