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6 Fade Haircuts for Women by Step the Barber

Here are 6 fade haircuts for women cooked up by Step the barber out of Atlanta, Georgia. This brother is pushing his Andis clippers to an entire different level. The styles he is giving his clients both men and women are clean cut. “Pun Intended”. If you are looking for a professional haircut and you […]

Jidenna’s hairstyle and “Classic Man” fashion

Jidenna Mobisson introduced to the music world as simply “Jidenna” is getting the recognition he deserves. From Jidenna’s hairstyle and fashion to his music, he brings out class in the modern man. The dapper music artist is signed to Janelle Monae’s Wonderland Records label where he fits perfectly. He call his sound “swank”: elegant hip […]

Hairstyles Black Men 2015

The hairstyles black men 2014 was the beginning of natural hair twist styles and the ending phase of mohawks. Dreadlocks have always been deep in numbers when it comes to African American styling but 2013 saw rapid numbers as well. More men are starting to were their hair with some type of texture incorporating the […]

Curly Fade Mohawk Haircut

The barber in Riverdale, GA known as Youssef places awesome cuts like this curly fade mohawk haircut on black men and boys out of his barbershop. The award winning individual who ONLY takes appointments for his work is a true professional. The texture of the hair ruffled up by his “Curl Sponge” is creating madd […]

Fade Hairstyles for Men

Fade hairstyles for men are the norm but when you come across a barber that really goes hard on the edge up and blending you get awesome results. These are a few examples of what pride in barber shop work looks like. Pics via Youssef the Barber

Faded Mohawk Hairstyles

Faded mohawk hairstyles are edgy and take a lot of confidence to rock. These individuals are definitely doing something different and yielding some pretty unique results in the process. Pictures are from the very talented barber in Riverdale, Georgia who owns the barbershop “Diamond Cuts Barber Studio”. See more work by visiting his Instagram page.

InstaFeature: long dreads @mrt12fitness InstaFeature: @mrt12fitness is bringing fitness to the next level; styling and profiling in his long dreads while doing it. Check out his cutting edge fitness techniques and workout regimens on instagram for dynamic results.

Beating the odds: Oakland Teen Akintunde Ahmad with 5.0 GPA, 2100 SAT Score, and Ivy League accepted

Being a “ordinary street dude”, as Akintunde Ahmad says it, has lead him on a path to success. Due to his choice of attire and hair in locs, the young Oakland Tech High School teen says he has been “judged and overlooked by his appearance”, but for people who doubt him he keeps a snap […]

“Daddy Doin Work” on his daughter’s hair

Who would have thought that a photo of a “daddy doin work” on his daughter’s hair would spiral across the internet with not only positive views, but some disturbed negative feedback. You would think a photo of a dad helping his wife out with getting their daughter’s hair prepped for school would not be a […]

Male Braids

Male braids along with dreadlocks for men are ever so popular. If you have a great barber that can keep you tapered up the look is hot. Of course, your braider has to have some skills as well to create the awesome designs we see in the streets. The protective style keeps the moisture in […]

African American Afro for Man

Picture of an African American afro for a man with clothing swag and confidence to rock his natural thirsty roots .

Short Black Men Haircuts

Short black men haircuts are not always fancy designs carved into the head. Sometimes it’s not even a temp fade or a razor lineup around 360 waves. Every once and a while you run across a very clean and simple cut on a black man that says it all. This is a handsome man that […]

black hair mohawk styles for men

Black hair mohawk styles for men rarely have this much styling done with attention to the design within the cut. It takes a very skilled barber to etch in designs like this and keep the integrity of the fade. Everything is intact including the lineup.

Razor Blade Haircuts

Pictures of razor blade haircuts being administered by a master barber in Atlanta Georgia. We have seen plenty of of taper fades and razor cuts but the crew at Roots Barbershop are really good as you can see in the video below the photos.

Haircut Line Up

This is the correct way to give a client a haircut line up in a barbershop with professional trimmers. The pictures display a clear vision on what the master barber wanted to achieve in this hair cut.

Taper Mohawk Haircut

Pictures of a taper mohawk haircut from a barber in the Atlanta Georgia area named Johnny Cash who works in Roots Barbershop, location Lawrenceville.

Barbershop Beard Styles

If you ask a man with hair on his face that gets it trimmed he will say it’s all about the barbershop beard styles along with a fresh taper fade that makes him look so clean cut. If your barber carries a set of Andis Masters Clippers and a professional trimmer he probably knows what […]

Men Dreadlocks Fitted Cap

One of the main ways to accessorize dreads for males is for men dreadlocks fitted cap styles to take place. Yup, throwing on a fresh fitted hat or a new snapback hat atop your locs can instantly enhance your appearance and pull that swag off to another level. Peep the pictures below for more ideas! […]

Black Men Waves Hair

If you mention the words black men waves hair you will have to include this picture for now on okay…lol. Wow, you can place this man in several categories including razor haircuts for men and 360 waves. He was well groomed and looked like he didn’t miss the gym in several months ladies. Men if […]

Colored Pencil Hair

You may know it as colored pencil hair styles or maybe you came here looking for graffetch haircut pictures either way we have what you are looking for at Thirsty Roots. High quality images, articles and videos is what we do well. If you are not part of our black hair community make sure you […]

Black Men Hair Twist

So what do you get when you mix black men hair twist a serious beard line-up and some stunna shades? Answer: a really good looking picture of a regular guy on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia. Yup, this is normal around these parts of the Dirty South. We just happen to have a camera with […]

Colored Pencil Hair Tutorial

We have many barbers looking for colored pencil hair tutorial videos and we have found that they are scarce on the Internet. Part of the problem is that the correct term for the artsy tolls is called graffetch hair pencils. I don’t want to say that the unique way that barbers are starting to draw […]

graffetch hair pencils

The graffetch hair pencils have surely made an impact in the barber game in the black hair community. We shot these pictures at the Bronner Brothers Hair show in Atlanta which was filled with many hot haircuts. Colored pencils were on deck and the master barbers had their “A Game” on point when it came […]

Jim Jones haircut

The rapper Jim Jones haircut has transformed him, at least in his appearance. He looks like a new man. Not necessarily better or worst, but new. Jim Jones have been wearing braids for over a decade and I guess decided for a change, maybe because he is engaged to be married soon. Whatever the reason, […]

Dwight’s long dreads and barber skills

Over the years, dreadlocks for black men have been on the rise. More and more black men and boys are wearing and growing dreadlocks. I think dreads looks great on men. Thirsty Roots Member, Dwight, has dreads down his back. He says: I BEEN GROWIN MY HAIR 7 YEARS NOW AND MY SISTER IS THE […]

Men Long Dreads

Okay so you have used the words men long dreads before but I bet you have not seen many males who have locs of this length. This well groomed gentlemen has been growing his hair out for 9 years. Yes, ladies he is stunting on us and in the words of Charlie Sheen he is […]

black hair t shirts for boys

Part of the Thirsty Roots black hair t shirts for boys which includes 30 designs for girls, women and men as well.

hair twist for men

You don’t see very many hair twist for men pictures or hairstyles in the city and that’s partly due to the popularity of the cornrow braids and great temp fade haircuts. Twist in the case of a man has to be properly done so that he does not look feminine Notice the difference between the […]

dwele hairstyle

Men with braids and natural hair designs like the singer Dwele hairstyle, really have a distinctive look about them. I like to see a hairstyle, such as what Dwele wears on black men. When a man finds that one look that compliments his features, it just makes him stand out no matter how handsome or […]

black mohawk fade

This is my husbands personal barber in Lawrenceville Georgia and he is extremely nice on black mohawk fade haircuts and everything else you can name. “Johnny Cash” is considered to be the best and most professional barber in the Atlanta area but tries to stay low key to media. We actually shot some video footage […]

black mohawk haircut

The barber that created this black mohawk haircut deserves some recognition because the rapper known as Yung LA sparked a serious movement when he sported this in his video. So many black men went and asked for designed haircuts similar to this after the airing of the music video. It was almost epidemic to a […]

barber shops in lawrenceville ga

There are many barber shops in lawrenceville ga and  many barbers that cut hair in them however one sticks out in a major way. Roots Barber Shop on Hurricane Shoals Rd has some very professional men in the place that are crazy with their blades and clippers. Thirsty Roots shot some video footage and pictures […]

braids for men with short hair

Came across these cool braids for men with short hair. Looks like there is some hair extensions added to the hair so the braids will not slip out and last longer. This is a normal option for men with short or silkier texture hair. These styles are in a faux hawk design and is very […]

black men mohawk hairstyles

Many have been searching for good black men mohawk haristyles so Thirsty Roots is excited to show you some pictures of this man’s designs. This haircut is really gaining popularity amongst the arfican american community and when it’s done cirrect you have to love it. This pic and the style was sent over to us […]

Flattop haircut barbershop

It is easy to achieve a flattop haircut, barbershop style right from home. People are generally more familiar with the flattops cousin hairstyle, the crew cut. The flattop is similar to the crew cut in many ways, the difference is that with a flattop hairstyle the hair on the tops of the head is made […]

Black Men Hair Styles Twist

Black men hair styles twist are very popular these days.  They seem to be a part of a new revolution of hair styles that are emerging for men who want more personality from their hair.  Men, like women, are wanting to experiment more with unique styles and looks.  Perhaps they are getting a bit tired […]

Black Barber Hairstyles

There are many kinds of black barber hairstyles.  Professional barbers have access and experience with a wide range of techniques that allow them to create attractive, practical, and innovative hairstyles, even for men.  These hairstyles are quite refined and detailed.  Like most hairstyles there are a few basic places to start and from there you […]

barbers in atlanta Go Hard – The Barber Battle was able to capture the moments of the Bronner Brothers Summer 2010 “Barber Battle” in Atlanta. Many were in attendance and enjoyed themselves. For those of you who could not attend this year sit back and peep some highlights. Be sure to also view the more videos and the many pictures we captured this […]

Black hair styles for men with curls

Black hair styles for men with curls seem very limited.  Obviously, when you have curly hair, there is only so much that you can do, naturally, to style your hair in different ways.  Many stylists would agree that men and women have similar options when it comes to methodology for styling hair, which is very […]

Black Male Hairstyles

While women seem to get most of the consideration, there are also many black male hairstyles that are stylish, trendy, and even sexy.  Just as women rely on their hair to communicate part of their personality and provide a sense of confidence, so do men.  Although it may seem that men’s hair is easier to […]

Cornrows design for guys

Cornrow designs for guys have become increasingly popular because of what they represent. It gives men a way to represent their culture and self-expression. This article will focus on the many different cornrow designs that are common among men. This style has a long history that goes back centuries to when African people wore cornrows […]

Natural hairstyles for black men

There are several natural hairstyles for black men from which a person can choose. Many young African American men wear their hair in various braided designs. As you get older these styles may not suit your personality or your profession any longer. This article will help the older men find ways they can style their […]

motions hair lotion for waves

Using motions hair lotion for waves just might be beneficial. Black men look very sexy with waves and a clean haircut. Adding Motions Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion to your hair, will give your waves much sheen and shine. Your hair will look and be healthy due to the fact that this lotion provides that need […]

male dreadlock hairstyle pics

There are few hairstyles in the world that are truly unisex.  Even those short boy cuts that are favored by the gamine actresses of Hollywood have been modified and softened into a more feminine silhouette.  However, dreadlocks cut across the gender gap.  In this case what is good for the goose is good for the […]

Braids For Men

Cornrows are the most popular Braids For Men. There are plenty of men braids hairstyles but cornrows are the oldest of the hair braiding form. Dreadlocks are also a very popular braiding hairstyle amongst men. When you mention braided hairstyles people think immediately of women, but a lot of men rock braids too. Men braids […]

African Men Braids

African American men braids are not only interesting with the all the designs but black men texture of hair is consider by most stylist who braid hair to be the best texture of hair to use when braiding. The soft wool like feel of African American hair make holding it with you finger more comfortable. […]